Articles (Oceanography)

Nature's Palette: Natural Aquarelle
(Earth Sciences)

Blue, green, or transparent, what is the real color of water? When you look at a glass of water, you see it is colorless; why is it then that when you stand by a lake, sea, or ocean, the water is blue?

Ocean Circulation
(Oceans and Marine Life)

Ocean circulation is the vast water motion inside ocean basins; the Sun, wind, Earth’s rotation, tides, and water density discrepancies affect those currents.

Sharks’ Critical Role in Life on Earth
(Oceans and Marine Life)

Sharks existed one million years before humans and survived for 450 million years; now, they are in danger of extinction.

The Blue Whale
(Oceans and Marine Life)

As new species everyday face the risk of extinction, “survival for the fittest” becomes a bitter reality that cannot be ignored. Although Blue Whales are the largest creatures on Earth.

World Oceans Day: 8 June
(Oceans and Marine Life)

The oceans, covering some 71% of the Earth’s surface, are the foundation of human life. They have always been a prime source of nourishment for the life it helped generate and served as well for trade and commerce.

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