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Brilliant Young Minds

Age is no boundary for accomplishment. History brims with child prodigies that have continued to marvel generation after generation for centuries following their departure from our world. Prodigious performance is not necessarily limited to children with exceptional gifts bestowed upon them; phenomenal intelligence and aptitude have often been demonstrated by teenagers and young adults. Yet, inherent qualities of observation and perception are not the only means by which a young person proves to be a genius. Having the desire and the drive to wonder, analyze, deduce, and innovate can also be the ingredients of a mastermind.

Investing in exploring and unleashing youth’s hidden talents and capabilities can be the most rewarding venture. After all, today’s children and teenagers are the rulers of tomorrow; let us then instill in them the seeds of positive thinking and confidence; let us nourish their constructive curiosity and goodwill; let us stand by them and with them. In this theme, we aim to give youth a boost and give older adults a nudge to do the same by exploring examples of young successes in the world of knowledge, science and technology. 

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SCIplanet is a bilingual edutainment science magazine published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center and developed by the Cultural Outreach Publications Unit ...
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