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The Past and the Future

Humankind has recognized the different regularities in nature for survival; as a result, science developed over time. For example, monitoring celestial phenomena developed into astronomy, pursuing the elixir of immortality developed into chemistry, curing injuries and saving lives developed into anatomy and medicine. These are amongst endless other sciences, technologies, and discoveries that continue to increase day after day.

History is full of scientific endeavors that were merely ideas or dreams, in hopes for a better today. Although we may long for a day in the past before an incident has dramatically changed the course of our lives, we still keep our eyes on the future, and the aspirations it holds for a better tomorrow. This duality of past and future enriches the realm of thought and scientific discovery. In this theme, we tackle vital science issues throughout history, as well as present and future projections; we wish you a pleasant and useful reading!

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SCIplanet is a bilingual edutainment science magazine published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center and developed by the Cultural Outreach Publications Unit ...
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