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Human Civilization

Speaking of science and its connotations of development, it is only appropriate to dig deep, to excavate the roots, to search for the beginnings of progress, of the future. Hence, we dig into topics related to human civlizationm and make a point of pinpointing the downsides of all previous rises, which eventually led to their falls. We attempt to open our readers’ eyes to the calamity of ego, greed, and, more dangerously, indifference; simply because we, Mankind, have run out of time and can no longer afford any of these despicable traits that can lead us up to the most glorious of glories, just to let us fall to the most tragic of tragedies.

Human life is nothing but contrast between the two; glory and tragedy, often going hand in hand. Nevertheless, human life is precious because it is unique; we have one shot at it. It is only logical to make this one shot meaningful; not just to ourselves, but to the world, to the future, to our children and grandchildren who will one day walk the Earth in the shadow of the legacy and heritage we leave them with.

We hope you enjoy browsing the related stories and that they help you perceive the marvels of science in a new way.

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