Volume: 146 Issued: September 2021
Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP), a research center established in July 2003 in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, aims to play a significant role in the progress of science and technology in Egypt. The CSSP will help researchers and scientists to get the best support needed to advance their work through international collaborations.
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  • Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program For Egyptian and African Young Researchers
  • TWAS Young Arab Scientist (YAS) Prize 2021
  • African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina Information for Africa (BAIFA)
Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program For Egyptian and African Young Researchers

 Application Deadline: 15 November 2021. 

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) are pleased to announce that the Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for Young Researchers “Second Call” is now open.

For post-doctoral young Egyptian and non-Egyptian African researchers under the age of 45 conducting an innovative applied research in one of the following areas:

  • Food and Agricultural Sciences
  • Environment
  • Engineering Sciences and Technologies 
  • Medical Sciences

The value of the grant is up to EGP 250,000 per grant. 


  • Candidates must be currently working at a public/private academic or research institution in Africa 
  • The research must be conducted in Egypt. 
  • Egyptian candidates must be currently engaged or can arrange to work on a joint research project with counterpart(s) outside his working institution.
  • African candidates must have Egyptian counterpart(s) working in Egypt.
  • The Grant maximum duration is 18 months.

For more information and online application, please visit: https://bibalex.org/ASRT-BA-Grants/

For any inquiry, please contact: ASRT-BA.Grant@bibalex.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASRTBAGrants



TWAS Young Arab Scientist (YAS) Prize 2021

Scientific and Technological Achievement in Engineering Sciences

Deadline:  4  October 2021.

Acknowledging the vital role Science and Technology plays in our societies, TWAS Arab Regional Partner has named the theme “Scientific and Technological Achievement in Engineering Sciences” for the 2021 Young Arab Scientist (YAS) Prize. The award aims at recognizing and rewarding the scientific work carried out by individual young scientists who live and work in developing countries.
The prize will be awarded to a young scientist from the Arab region who has accomplished an unusually notable research or technological effort in Engineering Sciences. The prize will be awarded for a substantial revision or modification of a scientific and technological principle or procedure, or an important improvement to the value of a device, activity, program, or public service.
The value of the prize is USD 3,000


Applicants must:
1  Hold the nationality of an Arab country.
2  Be living and working in an Arab country and/or Developing country for at least the past three years.
3  Hold a PhD degree.
4  Have a proven track record in his/her field.
5  Be under 40 years of age by 1 January 2021

Nominations will ONLY be accepted from:
1  TWAS Arab Members
2  Science academies, national research councils, universities and scientific institutions from the Arab region.
Nominations of women scientists are particularly encouraged.

N.B: Self-nominations are not valid.

For more information and for nomination please visit: https://www.bibalex.org/TWAS-AREP/en/Prize/Details.aspx?prizeID=1037

For any inquiry, please contact: TWAS.AREP@bibalex.org 


African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health

The initiative invites researchers from all over sub-Saharan Africa and Germany to engage in a scientific exchange in the field of public health. Submitted posters will provide opportunities for researchers to learn about their colleagues' research interests, expertise and ideas for joint projects on a networking platform and to connect with each other where there is potential for synergy. 

A subsequent call for DFG proposals for funding of the Initiation of International Collaboration will allow the African-German research teams to establish their newly formed networks and work intensively on the development of joint research projects. This integrated roadmap will be enriched by a Status Workshop, which will invite successful project teams to Bonn/Germany in March 2023 to present their results and exchange experiences. 

Posters in English or French can still be submitted until 30 September 2021 on the following registration page:



Bibliotheca Alexandrina Information for Africa (BAIFA)

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Information for Africa (BAIFA) is an information service for African countries. 

Through BAIFA, the BA is capitalizing on a former effort started by the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands (KIT) together with Elsevier based on two memoranda of understanding signed by the both of them with the aim of serving the best interest of researchers and research institutions in African countries.

The BAIFA website offers full access to two of Elsevier’s databases; Science Direct and Scopus, for eligible researchers and research institutions that meet BAIFA membership criteria; free access to a large number of e-resources on diverse themes in scientific domains; different training programs including information literacy and library professional development courses; the BA Resource Sharing service provided online through African libraries to African researchers allowing BAIFA users to request free articles from the Library of Congress’ databases and gain access to the content of the BA Serageldin Library; and the BAIFA programs, through which the BAIFA raises topics of interest to Africa and makes use of the various resources held within its collection that are related to its annual topic theme. 

To enjoy these services and become BAIFA member, please register and fill this form:


For more information and inquiries, please contact us through:

E-mail: baifa.services@bibalex.org

Facebook page: BAIFA – Bibliotheca Alexandrina Information for Africa

Website: https://bibalex.org/baifa/en/home/index

Contact Info:

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - P.O. Box 138 - El Shatby, Alexandria 21526, Egypt
☎ Phone: +(203) 4839999 - E-mail: CSSP@bibalex.org

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