Volume: 150 Issued: August 2022
Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP), a research center established in July 2003 in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, aims to play a significant role in the progress of science and technology in Egypt. The CSSP will help researchers and scientists to get the best support needed to advance their work through international collaborations.
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  • TWAS Arab Regional Award 2022
  • TWAS Arab Young Affiliates 2022 – 2027
TWAS Arab Regional Award 2022

 TWAS Arab Regional Award 2022

"Science Diplomacy"

Application Deadline is extended to 21 August 2022

The TWAS Arab Regional Award 2022 for Science Diplomacy will honor teams or individuals who have collaborated on a trans-boundary research project contributing to, or made possible by, good international relations. The aim is to begin to bring the term 'Science Diplomacy' to the attention of both the research and diplomatic communities in developing countries.

The focus on successful regional technical and research cooperation is seen as a way of building trust between the various stakeholders.

Each TWAS Regional Award winner receive a USD 3,000 cash award.

Candidates for a TWAS-AREP Award must be scientists who have been working and living in a developing country for at least ten years.

The nominations will only be accepted and valid from:

1. Members of TWAS-AREP.

2. Science Academies, National Research Councils, Universities, Scientific Institutions from the Arab Region.

Nominations of women scientists are particularly encouraged.

Note: Self nominations are not allowed.

For more information, please visit the website: https://www.bibalex.org/TWAS-AREP/en/Prize/Details.aspx?prizeID=1038

TWAS-AREP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TWASAREP

TWAS Arab Young Affiliates 2022 – 2027

 TWAS Arab Young Affiliates 2022 – 2027

Application Deadline is extended to 21 August 2022

Each year, the five TWAS Regional Partners each select up to five scientists under the age of 40 years to be 'TWAS Young Affiliates' for a period of six years.

During their tenure, Affiliates are invited to participate in TWAS general meetings and conferences.

This program, which began in 2007, seeks to identify the best young scientists in each region of the developing world and provide them with opportunities to network with one another, with TWAS Fellows, and to attend international conferences and other events for young scientists.

TWAS Arab Young affiliates eligibility criteria:

  1. Less than 40 years by nomination date
  2. Native of an Arab country
  3. Has at least 10 international publications in peer-reviewed journals
  4. Residing and working in a developing country for at least the past three years.

TWAS Young Affiliates

  • Will be invited to attend all TWAS General Meetings and General Conferences
  • Will be invited to attend regional meetings of TWAS Arab Fellows, in Alexandria
  • Will be invited to participate in the activities of TWAS national chapters in their home countries (if such a chapter is active);
  • Will receive copies of TWAS publications such as the TWAS Newsletter, Year Book, Annual Report;
  • Will have their biodata and a photograph published in an annual Young Affiliates Year Book, to be made available at each TWAS General Meeting;
  • Are eligible for TWAS Prizes (unlike full TWAS members);
  • Are entitled to attend TWAS General Assemblies as observers, i.e. without voting rights;
  • Are encouraged to provide feedback to TWAS on how the Academy can respond to the needs of young scientists in developing countries

Nominations of women scientists are particularly encouraged.

Self-nominations are allowed.

Contact Info:

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - P.O. Box 138 - El Shatby, Alexandria 21526, Egypt
☎ Phone: +(203) 4839999 - E-mail: CSSP@bibalex.org

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