The Program’s mission is to conduct environmental studies, provide training, and build an environmental research concourse for students, scholars, and organizations involved in environmental science research in the region.

The Program also aims to enhance public debate on and raise public awareness of vital environmental issues, and it aims to aid decision and policy makers in tackling problems and making informative decisions.



The Sustainable Development Studies, Youth Capacity Building, and African Relations Support Program strives to:

  • Conduct strategic studies and reports on national, regional, and global environmental issues.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with universities, research centers, and institutions with the same visions, missions, and concerns.
  • Sponsor thematic training programs and workshops to develop national capacities in environmental fields.
  • Spread and promote environmental awareness among youth.


Fields of work:

  • The climate changes’ potential impacts on the environment and proposed mitigation and adaptation methods with emphasis on the Nile Delta region.
  • Water resources demand management.
  • Ecosystem management.
  • Energy resources.
  • Food and agriculture.
  • Biodiversity issues.
  • Pollution: waste management.
  • Environmental measurements methodology, techniques, and evaluation.
  • Outreach and youth capacity development programs.
  • Green city planning and urbanization.


The Sustainable Development Studies, Youth Capacity Building, and African Relations Support Program conducts various projects and activities with different purposes and goals that help improve public understanding of the environment, its problems, and its needs. Some of the projects aim to change how people deal with their environment and its resources, such as: the Green Energy Library, the recycling Project (phase 1), the Knowledge Attitude Practice (KAP), and environmental research.

The Program also provides training courses concerning the issue, such as The First Regional Training Course on Risk Assessment that was conducted by (US Environmental Protection Agency) USEPA from 8 to 10 May 2015, and the E-learning Educational Course which mainly tackles the field of Preventive Environmental Management.

The Sustainable Development Studies, Youth Capacity Building, and African Relations Support Program pays great attention to youth development and their knowledge of environmental issues. It provides several programs targeting students of different age groups, such as Youth for Environmental Sustainability and Better Understanding program (YESBU), League of Young Masters (LYM), African League of Young Masters (ALYM), Francophone League of Young Masters (FLYM), and Knowledge Café.

The Program also conducts several workshops as part of its activities. The workshops work on presentation and communication skills; reusing and creating handmade items from waste products; surfing the Internet and efficiently using the resources of the library; writing a “Scientific Concept Note” on an environmental issue; and preparing a presentation on environmental topics.