Authority Control Workshop

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The BA Educational Services Section is organizing the “Authority Control” workshop as part of the International Librarianship Training Program.

The workshop will focus on the importance of authority control, how to create an authority file and its supporting rules, and the basics of electronic cataloging using “MARC 21”.

The workshop will also include lectures and practical exercises on how to form entries and cross references, types of authority files, and how to create each type, such as authority files for names, entities, geographical names, and subject headings.

The lectures will be delivered by BA technical management specialists. The lectures will be held 28–30 September 2015. To register for the course, please visit the International Librarianship Training Program website before Sunday, 27 September 2015.

For more information, please contact the BA Educational Services Section, Information Services Department, Library Sector.

Telephone: +(203) 4839999

 Ext.: 1845, 2620