Informal Education for Children Conference at the BA

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On Monday, 12 October 2015, the BA hosted the opening ceremony for the Informal Education for Children Conference (12 – 13 October 2015). In attendance was an elite group of speakers, writers, library science experts and distinguished professionals from Egypt, Netherlands, USA, and England hoping to exchange expertise. The conference is sponsored by the BA, Nahdet Misr, and Mr. Ilias Doxiadis.

The conference aims to present new and innovative informal education techniques for Egyptian teachers and professionals, and to encourage authors of children’s literature and painters to increase their productivity and publications. The conference also aims to support a new generation of writers, sharing the expertise and knowledge of American children’s authors and painters with their Egyptian peers, strengthening collaboration efforts between professionals, partners, and non-governmental agencies in support of informal education, and recommending ways to support and develop informal education in Egypt and the region.

During the conference, a donation comprising 52 Kidsmart computers was made to the BA by IBM. Kidsmart is a computer that is programmed to aid children during their early education and help them explore their skills in science and languages.

The conference highlights the role of the BA in supporting informal education through the Young People’s Library, the Children’s Library, the science clubs that connect over 300 schools in Alexandria, the mobile library, the Science Festivity, competitions, and various other activities.