Learn Hieroglyphics at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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New Page 1             As part of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s role in increasing general knowledge and cultural awareness in all fields, the Calligraphy Center is organizing a language-training course to teach the ancient Egyptian language (Hieroglyphics).             Dr. Abdel Halim Nour El Din, Director of the Calligraphy Center, said that the initiative to organize Hieroglyphics teaching courses came in response to requests from many Egyptian students who have realized that the ancient Egyptian language is a major part of their studies in fields of Fine Arts and Engineering. Courses will be given in four levels, adequate to all age stages and all specializations. Certificates will be given to applicants upon passing the assigned levels.             The four levels of the Hieroglyphics teaching course are meant to acquaint the student with the basic rules for reading and writing the ancient language. The course starts with a historical study of the ancient Egyptian language and its symbols as well as several texts chosen from the daily life events drawn on the walls of Pharaonic temples.             A number of specialized University professors will present lectures on different topics of Egyptology as well as field visits to different museums. Several films and CDs related to Egyptology will be shown during the course.             Courses will also be provided to children and teenagers during mid-year recess as well as summer vacations, so that they too have the chance to know their Ancient Egyptian Heritage.