The BA Publishes Book on the Pioneers of the Study of Arabic and Islamic Inscriptions

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center published its latest scholarly publication, "Pioneers of the Study of Arabic and Islamic Inscriptions: Egyptians and Arabs", as the BA had organized the first seminar on Egyptian and Arab pioneers in the study of Arabic and Islamic inscriptions, from 18-19 December 2019, in celebration of the World Arabic Language Day (18 December).

The seminar shed light on the contributions of pioneering Egyptian and Arab scholars in the field of Islamic inscriptions, as the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century had witnessed great interest in it, as part of the interest of foreign scholars in orientalism in all its aspects and branches.

In this regard, the Library has taken upon itself the task of publishing the research papers of this important seminar, to be an encyclopedic book on the study of the Egyptian and Arab pioneers of Arab and Islamic inscriptions. The book comprises peer-reviewed research papers which were presented during this seminar and which were assessed by a specialized academic committee.

The BA continues its leading role in the production and dissemination of knowledge by encouraging researchers to present their scientific output in different forms, as the Writing and Scripts Center is organizing the second annual seminar titled "Pioneers of the Study of Arabic and Islamic Inscriptions: Orientalists".