Discovery to Delivery

, Ismail Serageldin / Gabrielle J. Persley Other Publications Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP)

Available in: English

The overall theme of this publication reflects the exciting new discoveries in genomics and other aspects of gene technology that are finding applications in human health care, food and agriculture, and conserving biodiversity and the environment.

The World’s Libraries at Our Fingertips Through the Net

, Vinton G. Cerf Other Publications

Available in: English

In the last decade, the internet has profoundly transformed the world. At times humorous, at times visionary, but always profound, Vinton Cerf in this lecture imagines the ways our lives may continue to be affected by the Internet, and hints at the role the Bibliotheca Alexandrina might play in this ongoing adventure.

Annual Report 2002-2003

, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Annual Report

Available in: English

The Annual Report covers all the events, activities, financial statements, and organizational structure of the BA during the reported period.