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What is BioVisionAlexandria?

As a continuation of the tradition that started in BioVision 1999 in Lyon, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) has been honored to be an associate with BioVision to hold the BioVisionAlexandria every even year alternating with the World Life Science Forum held in Lyon every odd year.

Every even year, leading experts from the four corners of the globe are invited to bring them in discussions commemorating science and the finest achievements of the human intellect.

BioVisionAlexandria conference features a “Nobel Day”, usually commencing the event, and is dedicated to Nobel Laureates who share their reflections and experience that helped in the advancement of sciences and renovated our world in addition to honoring them for their vision and perseverance in the quest for scientific innovation changed lives and transformed our world.

The Nobel Day is followed by the conference where it mainly sheds light on themes such as Health, Agriculture and Environment.