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30 November 2016
BA African Networks
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) aims to rise to the digital challenge in order to develop African innovation through the use of science and technology in networks that extend throughout Africa. The new goal set by the BA is to connect those with common interests and expertise to hasten the development of knowledge and enable immediate sharing of knowledge and contributions.It is the role of the BA, and its duty, to act as "the international hub" to several significant academic and research networks, which aim to connect the rising future generations of teachers and researchers in Africa.

The BA African Networks are divided into five communities of interest: Public Health, Agriculture, Environment, ICT, and Research methods.

In each network, there is a section called "R & R" (for Research & Reports) that will mention and highlight some recent research results and international reports. This section and its data are separate from the occasional short essay posted under the heading "Reflections". Some pointers on "Conferences and Fellowships" are also provided. Additionally, the BA African Networks provide its visitors with a section of information on the old BA, labeled "Ancient Wisdom"; a section of information on the current and planned activities of the new BA, called "Alexandrian Activities"; as well as a "Fun Facts" section.

Hereunder, is the networks general portal link where you can access all 5 networks: