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Visiting Scholar Program

What is the Visiting Scholar Program (VSP)?

The Visiting Scholar Program is a special program organized by the Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP) by which it invites an international scholar each year to visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) for a certain period of time, with the aim of disseminating and exchanging knowledge with other scholars, researchers and students working in the same field of expertise.

The scholar is also invited to participate in scientific events, taking place at the BA at the same time of his presence, by giving lectures, workshops or seminars, in the sake of providing a cross-cultural or international perspective.

It is also intended that the Visiting Scholar is shared with neighboring institutions and is involved in community outreach activities thus providing opportunities for close interaction of the visiting scholar with university students, scholars and researchers.

However, the visiting scholar is allowed the opportunity to devote some time to his own professional interests as he carries out the program responsibilities.

The Goals of the Visiting Scholar Program

  • Help raise the profile as well as strengthen the international relations between the visiting scholar and other scholars, researchers and students.
  • Allow the dissemination and exchange of knowledge from a foreign perspective. It is a unique opportunity to raise skill quality training for Egyptian young researchers.
  • As a long term goal, the VSP allows collaboration with the scholar to expand the international expertise, to develop a new international area program and to initiate an exchange program with the scholar's home institution.

Specific Objectives

Educational Activities such as:

  • Giving lectures, seminars and workshops from a comparative or foreign perspective.
  • Teaching or serving as a resource person in professional programs that focus on related issues.
  • Participating in special seminars that would benefit from the Scholar’s expertise.
  • Assisting researchers to gain the confidence and skills necessary to pursue research, publish and establish records of accomplishment.
  • Providing advice and access to materials and networks to researchers.

Community activities such as:

  • Serving as a resource person for faculty  and undergraduate students
  • Visiting other organizations to lecture and meet with students.

VSP1 - 14 November 2006 - 25 January 2007

VSP2 - 26-28 August 2008

VSP3 - 18-20 December 2013

VSP4 - 21-29 December 2015