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Global Environmental Youth Convention (GEYC), Dubai

09 December 2006 - 13 December 2006

17 members of the Youth for Environmental Sustainability and Better Understanding (YESBU) program, participated in the Global Environmental Youth Convention (GEYC) 2006 that took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the main theme was Addressing Environment and Peace for a Better Life.

The GEYC 2006 is considered the fourth global gathering of students as well as their teachers and mentors by which the total participants exceeded 500 students, teachers and mentors.

The program included several learning and interactive project workshops, as well as study visits, field trips and special events.

Representations of conducted projects of more than 40 countries were presented which all were revolving around the subjects: Energy, Food & Agriculture, Mobility, Poverty, Production & Consumption and Waste & Water.

The YESBU members, on behalf of the BA, represent the following projects:

1) Fair Paper (Recycling)

2) Water Resources

3) Dioxins

4) Recycling

5) CD lifecycle

The first project (Fair Paper - Recycling), represented by Aliaa El-Zeiny, Sara Akl and Ahmed Gouda, won the first place.