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Are you interested in a one to three month internship to upgrade your professional skills in an international multidisciplinary environment? Do you have good command of at least one foreign language? Are you well-acquainted with Microsoft office package? Do you have a graduate (Bachelor) or a post graduate (Diploma, Master or PhD) degree in any of the following disciplines: Health, Environment, Agriculture, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering or IT? If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then please apply with us.

CSSP’s mission is to become the nation’s premier force for the dissemination of scientific knowledge by being a model for good practice, resources and materials, and delivery of needs-based quality skills training for scientists and researchers. In addition, CSSP aims to support a network of partnerships with other centers, and elite institutions which are all committed to the development of quality science and the acceleration of new technologies. We aim to create a network of international collaboration and to support activities that enhance career progression, sponsor scientific research projects and promote science and technology through public awareness programs, lectures, workshops and public conferences.

CSSP is currently offering a summer internship program whereby we are seeking undergraduate students who possess certain skills and a specific background that fits within the scope of our center activities and projects. In addition, we are also interested in identifying professionals, fresh graduates, postgraduates, Masters and/or PhD holders in different fields (Life Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences) who are interested in joining our team for a short term (six months) or a long term consultancy position or for a full-time position (up to three years contract).

So, if you are interested to join our team, please follow the link hereunder and apply


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