Furusiyya and Martial Arts During the Reign of the Mamluk Sultans

Seminars and conferences from (7/24/2019) to (7/25/2019)

The Center organized an international conference entitled “Furusiyya and Martial Arts During the Reign of the Mamluk Sultans”, on 24- 25 July 2019, from 10 a.m to 6 p.m, at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Conference Center, Delegates Hall. It tackled the following themes:

  • The Mamluk Furusiyya: Military Preparation and Formation
  • Furusiyya Literature and Martial Arts
  • Military Machinery and Equipment in the Mamluk Era 
  • Race Courses and Training in Mamluk Cairo
  • Military Strategies in the Mamluk Era 
  • Military Ranks and Badges
  • Military Uniform of the Mamluk Furusiyya
  • Imported Influences on Martial Arts in the Mamluk Era
  • The Armada and Military Ships in the Mamluk Era
  • Conflicts of Power and Military Rivalry in the last century of the Mamluk Era.

Conference Rapporteur: Dr. Ayman Fouad Sayyid.