The City of Fuwwah and its Archaeological and Cultural Heritage

Seminars and conferences from (10/19/2020)

The center organized, in cooperation with Antiquities Museum affiliated to the Cultural Outreach Sector, a seminar entitled “The City of Fuwwah and its Archaeological and Cultural Heritage”, on 19 October 2020, at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Conference Center, Delegates Hall.

Fuwwah has developed across long historical periods due to its geographic location and commercial importance as it lays near important commercial and transportation roads. The city has gained its historical acclaim since the dawn of history till the modern era, which makes it an open museum for archeological heritage over centuries. 

The people of Fuwwah have excelled in several industries such as the art of textile, carpets, and wooden artifacts. This has made the city a destination for tradesmen and religious men, who have built in it mosques, Tekeya, agencies, and residential houses.

The seminar on the city of Fuwwah discusses the following topics:

  • The archeological heritage of Fuwwah and its history over the ages
  • The social and economic life
  • The city’s traditional industries and professions
  • The maintenance and the restoration of the monuments of Fuwwah
  • Touristic development and archeological awareness

On the sidelines of the forum, an exhibition for the photos, industries, and professions of the city of Fuwwah was held.