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Dr. Tawfik is Professor of Physics at the Nile University, Egypt. In 2012, he earned Doctor of Science (Dr.Sc.) in Physics and Mathematics from the Uzbekistan National University; and in 1999, Dr.rer.Nat (PhD) in High-Energy Physics at Philipps Universität zu Marburg, Germany. Dr.Sc. Tawfik is the Founder Director of the Egyptian Center for Theoretical Physics (ECTP), Research Director at the ICSC - World Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. He is Member of the National Committee for Applied and Basic Physics, the Egyptian Network Nuclear Sciences (NNS), and the Egyptian Network for High-Energy Physics (ENHEP) of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT). Dr. Tawfik is the Team Leader of Egyptian Scientists joining the STAR experiment at RHIC (BNL,New York), and the Team Leader of additional two Groups of Egyptian Physicists working for CBM Experiment at FAIR (GSI-Darmstadt), and for the MPD-Experiment at NICA (JINR-Dubna). He is the Founder Director of the World Laboratory for Cosmology and Particle Physics (WLCAPP). Dr. Tawfik is Fellow of ASRT, and was elected in 2012 as Fellow of UNESCO-TWAS (currently serving as TWAS Council Member representing the Arab World).
Life in the Cosmos
Understanding the origin and evolution of life is a multi-disciplinary universal problem ranging from astrophysics to chemistry and biology. These different aspects are often studied, separately. My talk is designed to identify cross-disciplinary research and aims at bridging potential gaps between the difference aspects of life sciences.