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Dr. Mohamed Abdelhameed




Mohamed has a Master degree in Business Economics and Management from (M.A.I.Ch.), Greece and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Faculty of Agriculture - Fayoum University, Egypt. Mohameds areas of interest include Economic integration in Nile basin countries, value chains analysis of Agricultural products, sustainable Agricultural development, and farmers perception and adaptation towards climate change. He has been working as a Researcher, Economic and Marketing specialist with a number of organizations and projects such as: (FAO), (CNFA), (UPEHC), (DeVilag), (OPSAT), (Organic Egypt), (GAPs), (PRIME), and (FAS). He participated in a number of international workshops and training in the area of Market access for food and nutrition security, Co-operative microfinance, Local economic development, Climate change adaptation strategies, and SMEs, in the Netherlands, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, and India.