BA Interactive and Educational Programs in Cairo

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The BA commenced a substantial project to teach children and youths about science and technology through entertainment. The program is a collaborative effort between the BA and several schools to encourage new generations to appreciate the scientific field.

This program is currently taking place at the Family Park near Al-Rehab city through educational centers, where the BA is utilizing science communication experts and technologies to aid new generations and organize workshops affiliated with similar international programs in the future.

The BA previously contributed to the Family Park project and helped it spread through 50 acres. It includes a zoo, educational centers, exhibition halls, and museums.

The BA confirmed its intent to continuously work on developing these programs to keep up with the latest scientific methods and technologies. In the forthcoming period, the BA will organize a number of visits for media persons, journalists, public figures, and public and private schools to introduce them to the services provided by the new Family Park educational centers and to create an interactive environment within the Park.