The Launching of Bab El-Bahr Cultural Center within the BA Book Fair Activities

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Alexandria—Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library of Alexandria, General Adel Labib, Governor of Alexandria, and several other Alexandrian public figures, will launch Bab El-Bahr Cultural Center in preparation of its official opening to the public during the summer of 2009. The Center is supported by the BA and inaugurated within the activities of the seventh edition of the BA Alexandria International Book Fair, held between 21 February to 4 March 2009.

Dr. Khaled Azab, Director of the BA Media Department and the Supervisor of the Project, together with Nile Multimedia, said that Bab El-Bahr center will be a cultural and artistic center with an Alexandrian touch in Green Plaza Center. It aims at highlighting the cultural and artistic activities in Alexandria and supporting poets, intellectuals, artists of the Alexandrian community. Azzab added that Bab El-Bahr Project is undertaken under the auspicious of the BA as a pioneering cultural experience in Alexandria. Its pavilion in the BA Book Fair will be its first encounter with the Alexandrian audience.

The Project team will survey opinions of the public about their expectations from Bab El-Bahr Center and their proposals and recommendations. The first activity of the center will be a comprehensive Bookshop in Alexandria.


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