Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Book Fair to be Inaugurated Tomorrow

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The BA is set to inaugurate its 12th Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Book Fair on Monday, 21 March 2016 at 12:30 noon. The Fair will remain open until 3 April 2016.

Taking part in the Book Fair are 60 Egyptian, Arab, and foreign publishing houses from Spain, Denmark, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Saudi Arabic, in addition to Egyptian publishing houses, most important of  which are the General Egyptian Book Organization, the Cultural Development Fund, and the General Organization of Cultural Palaces.

This year, the Book Fair will organize 120 cultural events, including seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, poetry evenings, and story reading sessions.

The 12th Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Book Fair has adopted the slogan “Read…Know”, consequently its program encompassed topics concerned with reading, books, women, awards, the creative journey of a number of writers, human resources, among others. The Book Fair will also celebrate commemorate the 400th anniversary of international playwright Shakespeare’s death by organizing workshop titled “All of Us Together” to discuss his writings and another workshop to discuss the illustrated books including Shakespeare’s most prominent works.

To view the Book Fair program, please click here.