“Islamic Civilization in Al-Andalus” Seminar: Call for Participation

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in collaboration with Al-Babtain Foundation in Kuwait, is organizing its annual Andalusia Day seminar. This year’s seminar is titled “Islamic Civilization in Al-Andalus”, and it will be held on 27–28 July 2016.

This year’s seminar comes in honor and commemoration of a pioneer in Andalusian Studies, Professor Ahmad Mukhtar al-Abbadi. He greatly contributed to Moroccan and Andalusian historical and cultural studies, and he enriched Arabic academic works by a valuable collection of researches and published books. Professor al-Abbadi passed away on 25 April 2016, leaving behind a substantial legacy of his knowledge for future generations.

The BA and Al-Babtain Foundation are announcing a call for participation in the seminar with research paper submissions on historical, cultural, and archaeological aspects in Andalusian Studies, in accordance with the following seminar themes: theme one: Professor Ahmed Mukhtar al-Abbadi as a historian; theme two: the emergence and development of the science of history in Al-Andalus; theme three: Andalusian creativity in science, arts, and literature; theme four: Islamic architecture and arts in Al-Andalus; and theme five: Social and economic life in Al-Andalus.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Gamal will be the seminar moderator. The deadline for submitting research abstracts is 15 June 2016, and accepted abstracts will be announced on 10 July 2016.

For correspondence and inquiries, please contact Susan Abed at: susan.abed@bibalex.org.