“Islamic Civilization in Andalusia” Conference Inauguration

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The BA inaugurated the “Islamic Civilization in Andalusia” Conference, which is held in honor of Professor Ahmed Mukhtar al-Abbadi, on Tuesday, 15 November 2016. The conference will continue until 17 November 2016, and it is organized by the BA Center for Islamic Civilization Studies in collaboration with Al-Babtain Foundation in Kuwait.

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Mohamed El Gamal, Director of the BA Center for Islamic Civilization Studies; Dr. Abbas Soliman, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University; and Dr. Kamal Enany, Head of the Faculty’s History Department, and Dr. Hossam Ahmed Mukhtar al-Abbadi.

The BA has always had a keen interested in Andalusian heritage, showcased through its annual Andalusia Day events as well as its cooperation with a number of Spanish organizations in the field of Andalusian studies. The BA has also published a book by Ibn Khaldun in collaboration with El legado andalusí Fundación, in addition to studying the Islamic manuscripts that are preserved in Catalonia in collaboration with the Center for Mediterranean Studies in Catalonia. Furthermore, the BA Manuscripts Center and Center for Calligraphy Studies have both made significant contributions in the same field.

During the inauguration, the importance of the Islamic civilization in Andalusia was highlighted. The event emphasized that the impact and influences of this civilization still prevail in Spain and surrounding territories, for Islamic civilization greatly contributed to the establishment of European civilization. Thus, it is vital for us not only to preserve Islamic civilization, but also develop it in order for it to keep up with the current civilizational and technological advancement.


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