Seminar about Severus of Ashmunien, the First Coptic Writer to Write in Arabic

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Alexandria—The BA Calligraphy Center holds, on Wednesday, 27 January 2010, a Seminar about Severus Bishop of the Ashmunien, who was the first Coptic writer in Arabic. The speaker is Dr. Youhanna Nessim Youssef of the Centre for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University.

Dr. Youssef will study the historical context in which Severus of Ashmunien lived, as an introduction to understanding his life and works. In addition, he examines the political, literary, artistic and religious spheres.

The Seminar also sheds light on Severus’ life through the rare available sources, and will then focus on his works: both those that reached us and those that did not, as well as those that are wrongly attributed to him.

The Seminar starts at 3:00 pm at the BA Auditorium, Main Library.


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