The BA Re-issues Mahmoud Pasha Al-Falaki’s Ancient Alexandria

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The BA Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center (Alex Med) re-issued A Message on Ancient Alexandria; a book written by Mahmoud Pasha Al-Falaki, a pioneer of modern astronomy and archaeoastronomy.

The original copy of the book was first published in French, in Copenhagen, in 1872, while the Arabic translation was published in Cairo, in 1967, by Ambassador Mahmoud Saleh Al-Falaki, the grandson of Mahmoud Pasha Al-Falaki, who aimed to make it accessible to Arab readers.

Commissioned by Ismail Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt, Mahmoud Pasha Al-Falaki excavated and designed maps for the ancient city, its streets and public buildings, and took notes of those excavations and their subsequent discoveries.

The second edition of the book allows readers and researchers to gain access to Al-Falaki’s map and studies which are considered major references for those who study the history of Alexandria and its archaeology.