The Ancient Greek and Coptic Inscriptions Lecture and Workshop

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The BA Calligraphy Center hosts Dr. Paul Dilley, Assistant Professor of History and Religious Studies, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Iowa State University, USA, for a lecture entitled “Writing in Egyptian Monastic Culture” on Sunday 12 May 2013. The lecture will present a historical survey, focusing on the Roman and Medieval Periods, about the fundamental importance of writing (including calligraphy) for monastic culture and spirituality, as well as the cultural heritage associated with it: specifically, manuscripts and inscriptions. It will survey various monastic centers from both Lower and Upper Egypt, with a special focus on the Red and White Monasteries in Sohag, especially the library and basilica inscriptions.

The Lecture will be at 3.00 pm in the BA Main Library Auditorium, and is open For public.

Paul Dilley will also hold a workshop entitled “How to Read and Publish the Greek and Coptic Inscriptions?” that introduces students to the basics of reading ancient Christian inscriptions from Egypt, whether painted on stone, Ostraca or manuscript colophons. It will survey the different epigraphic genres and standard forms, in both Greek and Coptic languages. Students will learn to read inscriptions by studying important publications and practicing transcriptions from slides. Students will also be learn using basic XML markup of inscriptions.

The Workshop takes place from 13 to 16 May 2013, from 2.00 pm till 5.00 pm.

A good knowledge of Greek and Coptic languages is a must to participate.

Registration fees are 200 L.E, with a special discount given to archeologists and students (150 L.E).

Registration and payment at the Calligraphy Center premises: 116 El Horya Street- El Shalalt, 4th floor.

For more information,
Telephone 4839999 – Extension: 6056