The BA Launches a Program for Teaching Hieroglyphs to Fourth Grade Teachers

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center, in association with the Directorate of Education in Alexandria, organized a series of hieroglyphics courses to fourth grade teachers.

The courses are aligned with Egypt Vision 2030, with regard to pre-university education, and aim to provide social studies teachers at primary schools with the latest developments in the ancient Egyptian language, while introducing them to the most recent scientific theories that support the educational process.

These courses reflect the BA deep-seated belief in the importance of studying and understanding the ancient Egyptian language and civilization, as well as the importance of fostering civic pride and a sense of belonging in the hearts and minds of Egyptians.

It is worth noting that the BA Writing and Scripts Center has published a children’s book entitled Words from Life in Ancient Egypt, in Arabic and English, for children aged 9 – 14, and continues to offer courses on the ancient Egyptian language and its different scripts (hieroglyphic – Hieratic – Demotic).