The BA Releases the Fourth Issue of Memory of Arabs Magazine

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The BA Center for Islamic Studies released the fourth issue of The Memory of Arabs magazine, in cooperation with the "Memory of Arabs" Project. This special issue is dedicated to equestrian and martial arts in the era of the Mamluk sultans – a topic that was the focus of an international conference entitled “Equestrian and Martial Arts in the Era of the Mamluk Sultans”.

The varied research articles featured in this issue comprise different studies, in both Arabic and English, carried out by specialized Egyptian, Arab and foreign researchers, on military plans, martial arts, and equestrianism in the Mamluk era. The issue also presents pieces on the arts of training and archery, and highlights the Mamluks' remarkable precision in selecting the finest types of horses that are distinguished by the quality and strength of their breed. This topic is further investigated through sources and manuscripts concerned with certain aspects, including the development of the arts of war, commanding armies, training soldiers, organizing and managing battles, as well as the use of weapons and various military equipment, such as swords, spears, arrows and canons, together with the development of war strategies and plans in the Mamluk era.