The BA Releases the Fourteenth Issue of the Periodical Abgadiyat

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center released the fourteenth issue of Abgadiyat, an annual international scientific peer-reviewed periodical published by the Center. It is accredited by the Scientific Promotion Committees of the Supreme Council of Universities, and published annually in partnership with Brill Publishing in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The fourteenth issue of Abgadiyat is dedicated to Islamic inscriptions, and comprises a variety of remarkable research papers in different languages, including an important paper written by Dr. Mamoun Al-Sakkal, and a thought-provoking piece by Dr. Heba Barakat on the Qurans in the Malay Peninsula during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which are housed in the Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia. The issue also features an article by Dr. Bernard O'Kane on Islamic inscriptions.

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