A Meeting with Novelist Reem Bassiouney on the Sidelines of the BA Book Fair

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A meeting with Novelist Reem Bassiouney, Professor at the American University in Cairo, was held as part of the cultural events of the 16th round of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Book Fair, and was moderated by Journalist Nashwa El-Houfy.

During the meeting, Dr. Reem Bassiouney said that novelists should study and be familiar with different fields and sciences, especially with regard to the topics they write about, stressing the fact that they should be honest with their readers and avoid presenting false and inaccurate information. She also pointed out that she has been always keen to demonstrate the power of women through her heroines, as she believes in the unique character of the Egyptian woman that combines both tenderness and generosity.

Additionally, she discussed her experience of navigating the Mamluk period through her novel Sons of the People. Late screenwriter Wahid Hamed intended to turn the novel into a TV series, however the project was put on hold after his death. Bassiouney pointed out to the fact that the producer is currently working on reviving this project.