“Automatic Doors and the Ancient Library of Alexandria” in a Lecture at the BA

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The BA Alexandria Project organizes a lecture entitled “Automatic Doors and the Ancient Library of Alexandria”, delivered by Dr. Mona Mohamed El-Shahhat, Professor of Greco-Roman Archaeology, at the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University. The lecture is held on Monday, 26 September 2022, at 1:00 pm, in the BACC Delegates Hall.

The lecture deals with "doors" and their manufacture in ancient times, particularly among Greeks and Romans, and their importance in ancient architectural buildings. It also sheds light on one of the scholars of the ancient Library of Alexandria, Heron of Alexandria, the mathematician and engineer who lived in the first century AD, and who was especially interested in applying the principles of mathematics to implement the idea of doors that open by themselves, which is what we now call "automatic doors". Therefore, this type of doors appeared in ancient times and was closely related to the scientific and architectural heritage of ancient Alexandria, whose impact has extended across the ages and to our present time.

This lecture comes as part of the activities of the tenth season of the cultural program of the Alexandria Project. The Project aims to serve researchers who specialize in the study of the history and civilization of the ancient Library of Alexandria from its inception until the Arab conquest of Egypt, while tracing its scientific, intellectual and civilizational impact through the ages. The Project also seeks to develop awareness among the public about these important heritage topics through holding various types of activities and events, in order to enrich the cultural arena and contribute to the paths of knowledge that are related to the objectives of the project. Additionally, it aims to highlight the applications of modern technology that are used in the preservation, documentation, and dissemination of this heritage.