“Mural Paintings and Icons in Coptic Churches” in an Online Lecture at the BA

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The BA Center for Coptic Studies organizes an online lecture entitled “A Selection of Mural Paintings and Icons from Coptic Churches and Monasteries” on Sunday, 30 October 2022, at 2:00 pm. It will be delivered by Dr. Mary Missak Kupelian, Professor of Coptic Art and Architecture, Tourism Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University.

The murals that adorn Coptic churches and monasteries are an essential part of the spiritual work and ritual practices that take place inside the church. They are also considered a testimony to the excellence and originality of Coptic art, as there are distinct and rare murals found in ancient Coptic churches and monasteries, which are scattered across Egypt. These murals reflect an important artistic and historical value, and highlight the multiple sources of inspiration for the artist in different periods.

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