Handicraft Workshops at Sinnari House

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The BA Sinnari House organized a program of handicraft workshops, in cooperation with the Faculty of Specific Education at Cairo University, and Al-Sayeda Zeinab and West Cairo Educational Administrations, during the current academic year of 2022-2023.

The program targeted children and young people, and the workshops were conducted by a group of students from the Faculty of Specific Education, Cairo University. The program included a variety of workshops and different activities, where participants were trained on the arts of painting and sculpture, and how to use basic art materials. They were also trained on handicrafts, such as knitting, weaving, leatherwork, macramé, ceramics, glass, copper, wood veneer and origami, to help them create distinctive shapes, artworks and paintings. The works were evaluated at the end of the program by professors and specialists from the Faculty of Specific Education.

The program comes as part of the BA’s keenness to pay attention to children and young people, through enhancing their artistic and cultural awareness, developing their capacities, skills and creative ideas, and providing them with the opportunity to learn, explore and develop in the field of fine arts.