The second international seminar on mosque architecture entitled Mosque Architecture and Its Impact on Economic and Social Development.

Seminars and conferences from (6/28/2022) to (6/29/2022)

The Center for Islamic Civilization Studies and Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are organizing the second seminar on mosque architecture entitled: Mosque Architecture and Its Impact on Economic and Social Development.

The seminar includes an exhibition to showcase selected projects submitted for the Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture, at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Monday and Tuesday, 28-29 June2022; 10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Main Entrance, Auditorium.


The organizers invite interested participants to submit abstracts for research papers that have not been previously published, within the scope of the following themes:


1- Economic and social aspects of ancient and modern mosque architecture.

2- The foundations of modern mosque design, the role of artificial intelligence, and digital economy.

3- Reviving the architectural and urban heritage and its pioneering role in economic development.

4- Reviving the enlightening role of mosques in contemporary societies.

5- Mosque architecture and its cultural impact on contemporary societies.

6- Design patterns of modern mosques in Western Europe.

After the seminar is concluded, the organizers will publish the participating research papers in a booklet after they have been reviewed.

For more information, please contact the following e-mail: