Releasing 6th Issue of Arab Memory

CICS Journal 15/02/2023
Author: Research Papers - Publisher: BA

The Center for Islamic Civilization Studies, in cooperation with the “Memory of the Arabs” project, affiliated to the Academic Research Sector at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, has released the sixth issue of The Memory of Arabs magazine, devoted to the topic of “Cairo, the crossroads of cultures and civilizations from its inception to the end of the Mamluk era”. This release coincides with ICESCO's selection of Cairo as the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2022. The issue also sheds light on the cultural events organized by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Releasing “Articles on Islamic Monuments and Civilization”

Book 30/01/2023
Author: Hassan Abdel Wahab - Publisher: BA

The Center published a two-volume book titled Articles on Islamic Monuments and Civilization, which features the complete works of the pioneer of Islamic archaeology studies, Mr. Hassan Abdel Wahab.

The Biophilic Design of Alhambra

Book 15/08/2022
Author: Ahmed al Rhodesly - Publisher: BA

The Center has published the book The Biophilic Design of Alhambra by the researcher and architect Ahmed al-Rhodesly. The book deals with the Alhambra Palace's architecture in Granada from a new perspective concerned with biophilic design, as the author seeks to prove that the Alhambra architecture epitomizes a successful biophilic design that can positively impact human health and well-being. The book also attempts to link architectural heritage and health sciences by exploring the concept of biophilia and biophilic design, interpreting the dialogue between nature and the cultural and structural features of Alhambra, recognizing the potential impacts of the “Fourteen Biophilic Design Styles” proposed by the Terrapin Bright Green Foundation on human health and well-being, and investigating the presence of these patterns in the architecture of Alhambra in Granada, as well as presenting five examples of similar designs to Alhambra from around the world.

Fifth Issue of Memory of the Arabs Magazine

CICS Journal 01/12/2021
Author: Research Papers of the Conference - Publisher: BA

The Center in cooperation with the Memory of the Arab World Project has issued the fifth edition of Memory of the Arabs magazine.

ٌReleasing "Researches in Islamic History and Civilization"

Book 11/08/2021
Author: Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar Al Abadi - Publisher: BA

The Center released the book "Researches in Islamic History and Civilization by Prof. Ahmed Mukhtar Al-Abbadi", one of the pioneers of historical and civilizational studies and one of the leading Egyptian scholars who participated in the intellectual development in Eastern, Western, and Andalusian historical studies. The book is in two volumes and comes as part of a series of academic documentary publications issued by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in keeping with its interest in publishing academic literature by experts in various fields.

Al-intisar Li-wasitat ʻiqd Al-amsar

Book 28/06/2021
Author: Ibn Duqmaq - Publisher: BA

The Center released Al-intisar Li-wasitat ʻiqd Al-amsar by Ibn Duqmaq, edited by Dr. Ayman Fouad Sayed, an expert in critical editing and publishing.

Fourth Issue of Memory of Arabs Magazine Released

Other 20/05/2021
Author: Research Papers of the conference - Publisher: BA

The Center released the fourth issue of Memory of Arabs Magazine, in cooperation with the "Memory of Arabs" Project. This special issue is dedicated to equestrian and martial arts in the era of the Mamluk sultans – a topic that was the focus of an international conference entitled “Equestrian and Martial Arts in the Era of the Mamluk Sultans”.

Islamic Civilization in Al-Andalus

Book 13/08/2020
Author: Research Papers of the conference - Publisher: BA

The Center published a book in two volumes on the “Islamic Civilization in Al-Andalus”, which sheds light on the development phases of the unique Andalusian experience that lasted for eight centuries, characterized by the epistemological contribution to the human civilization.

Babylonian Tricks of Al-Kameliyah Vault

Book 17/12/2018
Author: Al Hassan bin Mohamed Al Iskandari , critically edited by Dr. Lutfallah Qari - Publisher: BA

The Center released a publication examining the book entitled "Al Hiyal Al Bayeleyah li Al Khazanah Al Kameleyah"(Babylonian Tricks of Al-Kameliyah Vault).

The Islamic Attractions and Arab Antiquities in Egypt and Moez Cairo

Book 13/05/2018
Author: Hassan Kassem, critically edited by a number of researchers - Publisher: BA

The Center issued "Al-Mazarat Al-Islamiyya wa Al-Athar Al-Arabiyya fi Misr wa Al-Qahera Al-Muizziyya" (The Islamic Attractions and Arab Antiquities in Egypt and Moez Cairo), an Encyclopedia in eight volumes, by Hassan Kassem and critically edited by a number of researchers.