Fifth Issue of Memory of the Arabs Magazine

CICS Journal 01/12/2021
Author: Research Papers of the Conference - Publisher: BA

The Center in cooperation with the Memory of the Arab World Project has issued the fifth edition of Memory of the Arabs magazine. Research topics in the fifth issue vary to include studies in both Arabic and English conducted by specialized Egyptian, Arab and foreign researchers on Mamluk equine manuscripts, and sources of equine history in the Mamluk era, in addition to shedding light on siege tactics in the era of the Bahri Mamluks. It also includes a research paper on the transformation of weaponry and fighting equipment during the Mamluk era, as well as fire-proof Mamluk military clothing, in addition to shedding light on techniques of manufacturing Mamluk military attire. The issue also deals with other topics, such as military use of fire and spears between theory and application in equestrian teachings.