The Genius of Arabic Composition: Text Relations and Scientific Communication

Book 31/08/2015
Author: Kamal Arafat Nabhan - Publisher: BA

The Center issued, in cooperation with the BA Special Projects, the book entitled “The Genius of Arabic Composition: Text Relations and Scientific Communication” by Dr. Kamal Arafat Nabhan. The book reveals the genius of the Arab heritage and the ingenuity of the authors who gave authorship its due. Despite the poverty of the possibilities available to them; they proceeded according to focused and disciplined plans for writing.

The author asserts that this book is a civilized and human project to develop the science of texts and formative bibliography. It is also a comprehensive inventory of all texts in a comprehensive bibliography that links a text to his family, grandparents, fathers, and dependents of texts, taking advantage of information technology, which places the Arab-Islamic memory at the heart of human civilization; it embodies a map of the mind, intelligence, and composition that contributed to its construction.

The book introduces the theory of "formative bibliography"; it is new in its content and designation. It establishes a new field in the study of authorship, text relations, and "formative" bibliographical settings, adds a new dimension to bibliography and information science, and provides a theoretical and field start for the foundation of Arabic text science.