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Collection Development Policy
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Selection Aids

The selectors, in evaluating materials for the collection, rely on aids for selecting quality materials for the collection. These selection aids include, but are not limited to, published bibliographies and lists, approval plans, union lists and catalogs, library journals, other journal and newspaper reviews, professional association reviews, publisher catalogs, literature guides, advance notices, and publishers' announcement. They may also make use of other library personnel and experts in the community to make recommendations and evaluate specific sections of the collection. Approval and standing order plans are used whenever they seem more efficient and effective than standard routines.

Approval Plans

The Library utilizes approval plans with major vendors to supply books for all areas of the Library collection. Approval plans provide new materials promptly and allow the selectors to review titles before making a purchase decision.

The selectors work with the approval plan vendors to establish a subject profile for the titles most desired for the collection. Working within the parameters of the subject profile, the vendors deliver notification slips for materials that are deemed relevant. The vendors deliver notification slips on a regular basis, either physically or electronically, and allow the selectors to alter the subject profile to meet the changing needs of the library's collection.

Standing Orders

The library may from time to time place standing orders for valuable titles published on a periodical bases. Standing orders are typically placed for titles published annually or less frequently. Developing standing orders lists will insure that important reference materials are always currently up-to-date.