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Collection Development Policy
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Challenges to Library Materials

The Library welcomes expressions of opinion from the community concerning materials selected or not selected for inclusion in its collections. Requests to add or remove Library materials will be considered within the contexts of the policies laid out in this document. Members of the community who wish to request the reconsideration of Library materials must complete and sign a "Request for Reconsideration" form which is available at any of the reference desks in the Library. The form must be filled out completely to assure that the library staff is able to follow up for clarification and that the appropriate library staff will address the library user's concern. Anonymous phone calls, rumors, or voiced concern will not be honored. Action will only occur after the signed "Request for Reconsideration" form is returned to the Library. Once a completed "Request for Reconsideration" form is returned to the Library, the Library will create a Task Force to review the challenge. For materials already in the collection, the material in question will remain in the Library's collection while the review is underway.


The selector who originally chose the item will review the item on the basis of the Collection Development Policy and report his or her findings to the Task Force. If that selector is no longer working at the Library, his or her replacement will perform this duty. The Head of Collection Development will the review both the objection and the response. The Head of Collection Development submits his/her written recommendation to the Task Force for review and forwards a written response to the complainant. Further appeals can be made to the Chief Librarian.