The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking applicants who can contribute effectively to the diversity of the profession and to the BA. The BA Internship Program offers library school students, recent library school graduates, and practicing librarians the opportunity to experience various aspects of international librarianship, including exposure to research and multimedia services. During the duration of the program, the BA intern will be able to gain experience within at least three departments or functional units. The final subprogram, Independent BA Intern, will be tailored to the interests of the participant and to the needs of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina with time afforded for a research/writing project. In addition, the Intern will participate in administrative assignments, library committees, specialized training, and professional activities. The BA intern will report administratively to the Chief Librarian and an assigned advisor from within the library staff.

Program Description

In order to ensure every BA intern receives a thorough understanding of how the Bibliotheca Alexandrina functions, the BA Internship Program includes many aspects. It is our belief that a true librarian is one who has experienced and mastered all the multiple facets of the interwoven departments of a library. Our library is split into many different working sections including: Special Libraries, Technical Services, Access Services, and Public Services. As part of our BA Internship Program, every BA intern will have the option to leave Alexandria mastering each section.

Here at the BA, we understand the time constraints of an educational pursuit, so we have established a flexible program. BA Interns will have the opportunity to personalize their own programs according to their interests and their limitations. There are five subprograms to choose from: Visits hip, Technical Services, Public/Access Services, Special Libraries, and the Independent BA Intern Program. Each subprogram is two to four weeks in length, and must be completed in its entirety. In addition there is a general introduction to the library for those interns who desire more specialization and require a brief overview of the BA. Future BA Interns may pick and choose the combination of subprograms that fit their needs or they may choose to complete the program in its entirety. The Independent BA Intern Program (IBI) may not be chosen alone: it is meant as a specialized study to follow either the Technical Services, Public/Access Services, or Special Libraries subprograms. IBIs will be selected by the library staff based on certain qualifications and the achievements of the applicants.

"Even today, the past has come to life., and captures the imagination of the world with glimpses of bygone glory.."

Ismail Serageldin
Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Visits hip (4 weeks)

The Visits hip Program is intended as an introduction to the world of libraries through the eyes of the BA. This program is ideal for interns who are new to Library and Information Science and need a general overview of the processes and services run within a library. The program is designed to allow the intern to follow the general pattern or flow of connectivity within the different sections and units of the Library Sector. The course begins with the technical aspect of the library process, continues to the general services accessible to the library patrons, and finishes off with the more customized services offered to our unique library members.

Week 1: Technical Services
  • Collection Development
  • Acquisition
  • Gifts & Exchange
  • Material Processing
  • Cataloging
Week 2: Public Services
  • Integrated Library System
  • Membership/ Circulation
  • Instructional Services
  • Reference Services
  • Depository and Government Documents
Week 3: Specialized Libraries
  • Arts & Multimedia Library
  • Taha Hussein Library
  • Young People's Library
  • Children's Library
  • Digital Library Services
Week 4: Special Services/Projects
  • Electronic Resources
  • Research Unit
  • Business & Budget Office
General Introduction to the Library (2 days)

For those interns who will skip the visitship program, a general introductory tour will be administered for all interns. The tour will include an overall view of the facilities, museums, exhibitions, and shows. Furthermore, the interns will be given a brief overview of all the sections and units that comprise the Library Sector.

Technical Services (2-3 weeks)

This internship specializes in library technical services, introducing the candidate to cataloging, acquisitions, processing and other activities. In this subprogram the intern will:

  • Receive training in the BA practiced Dewey Decimal Classification System of cataloguing our many resources into the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).
  • Study the process in which books and other resources are inspected and entered into our inventory.
  • Observe the acquisitions unit as they follow strict procedures while purchasing resources, tracking organizational memberships, constructing partnerships with various vendors, and tracking account records.
  • Examine the procedure in which the System Librarian coordinates between the integrated library services and the OPAC system.
  • Receive and process donations and exchange items, recording them within the official module, and greeting and maintaining contact with donors.
Public/Access Services (2-3 weeks)

This internship specializes in library public services and access services, introducing the candidate to circulation services, reference work, collection development, library user instruction and other activities. In this subprogram the intern will:

  • Sustain the circulation service with the Young People's Library and help produce partnerships with other libraries to produce an Interlibrary Loan system ( ILL ).
  • Assist in developing the BA collection according to the standards and criteria set within the BA Collection Development Policy.
  • Study the service and instructional techniques of the reference and instruction librarians as they guide library patrons in research methods.
  • Support depository librarians as they catalog and process depository documents from agencies such as the United Nations and the European Commission, meanwhile assisting library users to become familiar with research governmental documents.
Special Libraries (2-3 weeks)

This internship introduces the candidate to some of the special areas of librarianship, such as services to the visually impaired, youth and children's services, and multimedia resources. In this subprogram the intern will:

  • Establish a working familiarity with services offered in the Taha Hussein Library for the Blind, the Children's Library, the Young People's Library, and the Arts & Multimedia Library.
  • Interact with our special library users, establishing relationships, meanwhile becoming familiar with the services tailored for each one of our special library patrons.
  • Assist the Arts & Multimedia staff create an environment that envelops its users into the world of arts.
  • Learn how the BA accommodates the blind and visually impaired of all ages through modern assistive technology and up-to-date software.
  • Share in the activities and programs for the children and the young assisting them in discovering the world of libraries.
Independent BA Intern Program (2-3 weeks)

The Independent BA Intern Program (IBI) provides the flexibility for more experienced interns to sit down with a library staff supervisor and create a program tailored to their needs. All IBIs will conclude their programs with a work proposal and a presentation highlighting an innovative idea or technique in library and information science. IBIs will be selected by the library staff based on certain qualifications and achievements of the applicants.

Program Particulars

The purpose of internships is to increase the knowledge and skills of future librarians, to upgrade their skills in a specific area of library service, or to provide the education and training necessary to initiate a new project, publication or service in the BA library.

All interns will be assigned to a library staff advisor. Advisors will have sole responsibility over the program details, progress, and evaluation. Interns will have regular meetings with their advisors to supervise the program and provide assistance or guidance if needed.

Any final projects or presentations will be judged and evaluated by the BA staff. Interns are encouraged to choose projects that reflect their own views and experience to propose new innovative ideas to the BA.


  • The BA Internship Program has a minimum duration of two weeks.
  • All interns will receive email and computer logins into the BA intranet system.
  • All interns will be considered visiting staff, with all the rights and responsibilities of professional visitors.
  • All interns will administratively report to the Chief Librarian's Office and be assigned a BA staff advisor so that a thorough overview of progress can be guaranteed.
  • All interns will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations.
  • The BA Internship Program is an educational program, therefore interns are not eligible for salary or wages.
How to Apply

In person:

Sunday thru Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. (see location map)
Fourth floor, Chief Librarian's Office

By mail:

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Attn: Library Sector
El Shatby 21526
Alexandria , Egypt

By email:

When applying by email, please include a cover letter stating the intended position applying for, as well as a copy of your CV and the application (including the essay questions and reference letters) as an attachment in a Microsoft Word document or in Rich Text Format (RTF).

Email applications may be sent to .

**IMPORTANT: Please type BA Interns as the subject of your email.

By fax:

When faxing your CV, application (including essay questions and reference letters) and cover letter, please include a fax cover sheet with the subject BA Interns and to the attention of the Library Sector/Chief Librarian's Office.

Our fax number is +203 482 0460.

Only candidates selected for further interviewing will be contacted.