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Educational Programs

Research Skills

In this program we teach you how to write a research paper for school. You will find out what reference materials are and what kinds of resources you can refer to while doing your research. We will guide you step-by-step through the process of researching a topic: :

  • Identify and develop a topic
  • Find background information
  • Develop a search strategy
  • Evaluate the information found
  • Write and revise
  • Document sources used

You will get to research your topic with the help of the YP Librarians. After finishing your research, all of the participants will gather together to discuss and evaluate each other’s work. The final part of the program is a group presentation. You will get to work in a team with other participants who researched the same topic to give a brief 10 minute PowerPoint presentation about your findings. The YP librarians will help you and your teammates learn how to work in team, how to manage your time, and how to hone your presentation skills.

Objectives of the “Research Skills Program”
  • To encourage self-reliance in searching for information.
  • To cultivate greater understanding and appreciation by encouraging young adults to understand what they read and incorporate what they find into their own knowledge base
  • To foster creative writing and speaking skills by reporting their findings to the group
  • To develop skills in the use of using library services, correctly and effectively.
  • To encourage individual and/or group research and teamwork.
  • To learn the use of print and non-print sources of information.
Search with us on the Internet

This program aims to teach the youth how to search and evaluate information on the internet and finishes with a quiz.

Search with us in Reference Materials

For school visits to the YP Library, it organizes a workshop on how to search for information in reference material , teaches the young adults the different kinds of reference material available for use at the library , and then gives them hand on practice by providing a questionnaire they must complete by searching in the reference material .

My Book: Digital and Printed Project

This program currently serves children in schools in the Alexandria area, as well as less fortunate children who do not have the opportunity to visit the library. A stationary unit has also been established in the main library building to serve children visiting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA). In addition, a Bookmobile Unit is used to cover Alexandria districts located in the poorest part of the community, reaching the public with no computer access. The BA sponsors this program to encourage children to upgrade their skills and acquaint them with computers as a primary stool of accessing information.

The project aims to:

  • Teach children and young adults that written words can be transformed from digital format to printed format, ready to be bound into book format;
  • Attract young people to books and encourage them to read; and
  • Facilitate the use of digital technology.
Book Talks

The Young People’s Library invites you to a series of book talks, presented by our librarians. Individuals only need to have a current library membership or entrance ticket to attend. Groups or school visits must pre-registered to attend a book talk.

For more information, please contact us