Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition

Naturally, food is a major bare necessity, without which life ceases to exist. Not only is food a necessity of life, but its quality also determines the quality of our life. As all food comes from the soil, whether directly in the form of plant products or indirectly in the form of cattle and poultry that feed on plants, a healthy soil is the way to a healthy life. That is basically why the 68th United Nations General Assembly declared 2015 the International Year of Soils (IYS).

Animal and Plant Life

Our fate is tightly linked with biodiversity: the huge variety of animals and plants, the places they live, and their surrounding environments, worldwide. Yet, it is being lost at a greatly accelerated rate because of human activities that impoverishes us all and weakens the ability of living systems, on which we depend, to resist growing threats. We dedicate this theme to “Biodiversity” and discuss its different aspects; hope you enjoy reading it and join us in working in the protection of our home; Earth.

Astronomy and Space Sciences

Mankind has always had passion for discovering the sky and a dream about exploring other worlds. Thus, he established one of the oldest sciences in history; Astronomy. It is the science of the universe and the science for which planetariums were created to begin with, although in modern-day planetariums, including ours, all sciences and science-related themes are tackled.

Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health

Communication and psychological sciences are quite intriguing and surprising; mainly because their secrets are extremely well hidden within highly intricate and quite invisible systems that require very complicated methods to unravel and test. 

Chemistry: Our Life, Our Future

We have plunged with enthusiasm into the challenging task of untangling the cryptic codes of chemistry only to be surprised by a fascinating world of wonders. 

COVID-19 Pandemic

The first of its kind in the modern age in terms of magnitude and impact, the pandemic has struck the whole globe, posing threats to human health and life, and changing our lives in every possible way. Stay well-informed during the new coronavirus pandemic.

Earth Sciences

Earth, our unique blue planet, is the only world that we know of to host life of endless variety. Over millennia, the curiosity of Man has led him to unravel numerous secrets of the enormous universe; yet, we have only scratched the surface and we are yet to discover life somewhere else in its vastness. On the other hand, our knowledge of our own planet has expanded exponentially; yet, it seems the more we know about it, the more fascinating it becomes.


In today’s world, education and knowledge are still used as a weapon, not only in dominating peoples, or in political and intelligence warfare between competing nations, but more dangerously in creating actual weapons, which also serve the purpose of dominance. To combat the state of utter chaos we find ourselves in these days—politically, socially, and economically—the only way out of this dark tunnel is education.

Energy and Water

Although they seem different, energy and water are often collocated by international organizations and in the media; why is that? In fact, both energy and water are essential to fulfil the basic human needs. Food production, industry, and achieving economic growth are impossible without both. Moreover, energy and water are closely connected and dependent on one another. Water is required in most energy production processes, and energy is essential to make water resources accessible to people for consumption and irrigation. We invite you to read the articles under this topic and explore more about these two valuable resources.

Environment and Climate Change

We human beings, were put on this impeccable planet, full of life, vibrant with marvelous creatures, each doing its role in an immaculate circle of life, surviving inevitable natural disasters and enduring the change that comes with them. It is amazing, now that we know what we know about humankind’s history on Earth, to realize how mankind had started out on Earth as just another creature. 

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