Science and Sports

The connection between science and sports should not be surprising; after all, all physical activities are connected to science because they are basically conducted by the human body. Yet, the connection between sports and science is not restricted to biology; it expands to physics, psychology, chemistry, among other fields of science.

Science Everywhere

“Science Everywhere” is not just a saying; it is a fact. There is absolutely nothing in life that is not connected to science. In this theme, we opt to spotlight this reality from every possible angle. We tackle the science from the perspective of everyday places and activities we live, study, work, and experience without giving much thought to the myriad of sciences lurking in every corner, vessel, piece of furniture or equipment, etc.

Chemistry: Our Life, Our Future

We have plunged with enthusiasm into the challenging task of untangling the cryptic codes of chemistry only to be surprised by a fascinating world of wonders. 

Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health

Communication and psychological sciences are quite intriguing and surprising; mainly because their secrets are extremely well hidden within highly intricate and quite invisible systems that require very complicated methods to unravel and test. 

Life Sciences

Understanding the different forms of life and how they work is essential for preserving human health, and also safeguarding biodiversity that is essential to the survival of life on Planet Earth.

Earth Sciences

Earth, our unique blue planet, is the only world that we know of to host life of endless variety. Over millennia, the curiosity of Man has led him to unravel numerous secrets of the enormous universe; yet, we have only scratched the surface and we are yet to discover life somewhere else in its vastness. On the other hand, our knowledge of our own planet has expanded exponentially; yet, it seems the more we know about it, the more fascinating it becomes.

Astronomy and Space Sciences

Mankind has always had passion for discovering the sky and a dream about exploring other worlds. Thus, he established one of the oldest sciences in history; Astronomy. It is the science of the universe and the science for which planetariums were created to begin with, although in modern-day planetariums, including ours, all sciences and science-related themes are tackled.

The Scientist Inside You

Science is no longer confined to classrooms or school laboratories. Nowadays, science centers and museums offer informal science education and make science much more fun. SCIplanet is taking you a step further by bringing science to your home.

Safe Summer

Summertime; who does not wait for it impatiently and excitedly? Despite the heat and humidity, summertime remains the time we all associate with fun, good times, and happy memories. When we were children, summertime was when we would throw all worries out the window to spend the days playing in the sand and swimming at the beach with family and friends.

The People of Science: Scientists and Inventors

Science is an intellectual and practical activity conducted by humans; it is a part of human nature. We dedicate this theme to tackle the human face of science; the people who dedicate their lives to observing, contemplating, and laboring, to disentangle the complex mysteries of our universe, our planet, and ourselves. Be them young or old, males or females, Arabs or foreigners, scientists or inventors, living or dead, let us celebrate the people of science who made every scientific bliss possible to shape life as we know it now.

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