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Parents and Teachers Center

The Children’s Library wants to build a strong bond with teachers and parents in order to achieve the most for their children and students. The library has provided this page to makes parents and teachers aware of the resources that we have to offer.

Parents and Teachers Meetings

The parents meeting takes place on the first Thursday of each month (4:00pm) in the Children’s Library .

This is an important tool in the parents and teacher center as it helps the teachers and parents to:

  1. Know the role of the Children’s Library.
  2. Learn the rules and obligations of the library.
  3. Consider the Library an important educational place.
  4. Encourage their children and their students to read more.
  5. Express their ideas and share them with the CH Library Staff.

Activities and Programs for Children

We offer numerous activities, educational programs, workshops and competitions for the children who come to the library everyday. In addition to those activities we also have some workshops and lectures that we think that the parents will be interested in for their children.

Overcoming social consciousness workshop

This workshop helps children discover more about their personalities through a series of tests that define social consciousness. After the analyst introduces different methods that help the children learn more about it and how to change it or use it to their advantage.

"Intelligence Criteria" workshop

The analyst gives the child a test to test for certain features. Afterwards, the analyst will introduce ways that the child can augment his/her intelligence.

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Resources for Parents and Teachers Teachers

Explore Scholastic's free teacher resources. Find timely lessons and interactive activities for your grade level, get expert advice on improving your classroom.

Teacher Resources

The website offers a searchable database of annotated links to great educational resources as well as free teacher resources such as: units, lesson plans, worksheets, multimedia files, etc.

Sites for teachers

Explore hundreds of educational website rated by popularity.

NASA Teacher's Corner

Resource for lesson plans, study guides, and laboratory activities for middle school to college level.

This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics, and classroom calendars.