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Programs and Activities

After a long tiring year full of studying, come and join us in our special programs and activities, organize an entertaining , cultural program in order to help you to spend a fun time during your vacation.


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My Book Digital and Printed:

This project is cool way of helping you to read. Come pick out a book on the computer, print it, make a cool cover for it and then take it home to add to your own library!


1. Arabic Handwriting workshop :

The Children's Library, along with the calligraphy center in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, organize s an Arabic handwriting workshop where you can learn about the history of Arabic handwriting, all the different kinds of it, learn how to write it and see all the neat tools that are used in Arabic writing!.

2. Animation Workshop:

This is a creative workshop where you can make up a story with different characters, and then draw them. Then with are very cool digital camera you can make your own movie!

3. Maps Workshop :

Come join us to learn all about the world! The world is a big place with lots of cool countries! Come learn more about them by playing fun puzzle games where you have to put the pieces together to match the drawing!

4. Computer Programs workshops (Kid works, Kidpiks, Hyper studio):

Would you like to learn how to use a computer? Then come join use for these special workshops where the librarians will teach you how to use special programs on the computer to help you write a story or make a presentation!

5. Arts workshops Handmade works, Printing, Argil, Make Your Own Puppet)

Do you like art? Then come join us for the Arts Workshops! We have many cool crafts that you can make! Come make a puppet, paint or make a clay model!


Story Telling (Shadow, Once upon a time, Book Club):

Do you like to hear stories? Come to one of our many story telling programs. Our librarians are super story-tellers and use all kinds of fun things like puppets and other things to help tell the story. So bring your friends and come hear a fun story!


Come and hear a fun lecture! The librarians and other special guests come to the library to talk about fun and interesting subjects! Bring your parents and you can both learn something new! Some of the lectures include:

    • Sinking museums in Alexandria.
    • Social Skills
    • Teeth

Do you like to compete? Then come to the Library! We have many different contests that you can enter and win cool prizes! Come enter in our “Future Programmer” competition and design a simple program using the computers at the CH Library.

Research Skills Program:

This program will help you prepare your next school project! The librarians will help you to learn how to use the different materials in the library. You will learn how to look for information in books and on the internet. You will also learn how to use the Library’s catalog to look for books on the subject that you need. You can work in a team or on your own and with the librarian’s help you will be sure to get a good mark on your project! So come join use and learn everything you need to know for your next school project!

CH Friends:

These are a group of kids selected by the librarians who set good examples and help other kids.

To be a CH Friend you need to :

    • Be on good behavior in the library.
    • Know the library rules
    • Know how to put the books back on the shelves correctly
    • Obey the library rules
    • Help other children.
    • Joining projects and different library activities.
    • A good student in school.
    • Helping the library staff when serving readers and answering users requests.

CH Library Friends Tasks

  • Shelving books.
  • Helping children in selecting books.
  • Helping children in selecting sites from the internet.
  • Acting out stories.
  • Making sure that kids are obeying the library rules.
  • Other Activities:


    1. Guess What

    Come with your friends and take part in this fun activity! You and a group will search the books, the internet or any other source in the library to find information on a certain subject and then you present this information to the other group by answering questions! You can do this activity in Arabic, English or French!

    2. Me

    Do you have a lot of ideas or dreams? Come to the library and make a book about YOU! You can write down all your, likes, dislikes, ideas and dreams .

    3. My Play

    Come hear a fantastic story and then talk about it with your friends and the librarians. Enjoy watching our librarians act out the story to make it really come alive!

    4. Do you know…?

    Come and learn new things at the library by having a discussion with other kids and a librarian. One of the librarians will use a terry board and put different pictures up and then you and your friends can talk about what you know and what you would like to learn about this subject!

    5. Reading Passport

    Do you like to read? When it’s too hot to play outside this summer, grab a book from the library and settle down in a cool place and read a book! If you read 15 books this summer and write a about what happened in the book, you could win a cool prize! So come to the library today and start reading!

    6. The play

    Do you like to act? Then come and join us for our summer play! The CH Library has many activities during the summer and every year we do a play done by the children and directed by the Library Staff. The play is done in the conference hall in our huge “End of Summer Activities” Celebration! Some come and join the fun!


    If you took part in our summer activities then this celebration is not to be missed! Everyone who came and took part in any activity, workshop or competition is invited to this huge celebration bash! All your favorite librarians will be there as well as some special guests to hand out prizes to everyone! Make sure you do not miss this event

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