Taha Hussein Library For Blind an Visually Impaired


Libraries for the blind, in the past, always depended on Braille books as the sole resource for their users. However, the TH library is the first of its kind in Egypt , providing a number of services to the blind, placing the computer as the new means of reading and research. As a result, the TH library is considered the first digital library for the blind in Egypt.


Ten computer units are available for reservation in the TH Library. TH users may reserve computers for a duration of two hours from the reference desk. Computers are equipped with special software and assistive technology to facilitate use.

Reference Services

The reference service desk guides users on how to use the library facilities, provides assistance in using the library and the collection, and answers all general information questions.

The librarian at the reference desk can help TH users with the following:

  • Assistance with Braille books/periodicals, audio books, and e- books;
  • Assistance requesting material from BA Arts & Multimedia Library;
  • Printing text in Braille upon request;
  • Providing separate reading areas for Braille book users; and
  • Providing study rooms for users with shadow teachers.

All blind and visually impaired users may be issued free memberships to the Taha Hussein Library in the BA's mission to provide information accessibility to all. General BA membership procedures apply for all Taha Hussein users.


The TH library staff provides quick orientation tours for new TH members to introduce them to all the available resources in the library and the new location. The library staff may also explain the TH library services and assistive technology, guiding users on proper usage techniques.


For further assistance beyond the general orientation, users may sign up for training courses on searching techniques on the BA catalog and proper usage of the available assistive technology. The TH Library also offers training courses to blind or visually impaired members of the Children's and Young People's Libraries.

Other Services
  • Text to speech software, providing the ability to read transfer all print resources (books, periodicals and references) into speech via scanners. Scanned books may be sent to the users via email upon request;
  • Printing service is available within the TH Library;
  • Textbooks may be transcribed into Braille (in both Arabic and English);
  • Reading volunteers are available to read printed books to TH users; and
  • Magnifiers are offered to facilitate reading for the low vision patrons.