Taha Hussein Library For Blind an Visually Impaired



  • PCs
  • Scanners
  • Braille Printers
  • Braille displays
  • Braille (keyboard)
  • Magnifiers for low vision readers
  • Cassette recorders


The technology of the software available at TH Library allows the conversion of text to audio. In other words, each character that appears on the screen co-ordinates with a vocal response from the software.

  • English screen reader for the totally blind groups It enables them to listen to text that appears on the screen.
  • Arabic screen reader for the totally blind.
  • Paper reader, software that enables users to read Arabic books.
  • The Arabic net reader software used to surf the net in Arabic.
  • An English "scan and read" software, to read English books. Suitable for the totally blind.
  • A scan and read software used for people with low vision, provides speech output plus screen magnifying.
  • Musical software, a package of three softwares that are used to scan, edit and print music notation in Braille.